Village Čatež ob Savi lies on the right bank of the Sava River at the confluence with the Krka River in the municipality of Brežice in eastern Slovenia. It is part of the Dolenjska region, surrounded by beautiful nature and offers numerous activities as part of cultural attractions, as well as a varied culinary experience.

The name Čatež also bears the mythical creature, which is half human, half goat, with horns and a beard. His statue and story can be found in front of the entrance to the winter Thermal Riviera. In Čatež once stood the court of Čatež (Hof Tschatesch), which was the seat of the former Carniola municipality of Čatež. In nearby Brežice stands a castle, which houses the Posavje Museum, and its walls are adorned with beautiful frescoes.

Only 1,5 km away from the village Thermal Resort Čatež is located.

Terme Čatež d.d. is Slovenia’s largest natural health resort. The crucial part of our development is the Čatež thermal water, captured in the Thermal Riviera pools, amounting to a total of more than 12,000 m2 of thermal water surface. For over 220 years, the soothing, healing and exceedingly pleasing thermal springs have been the focal point of our water programs and all other creative ways of water usage for the full range of offer packages we create and upgrade for our guests from all over the world – 365 days a year.

Thermal Riviera – both in summer and winter – is a unique, exceedingly fun and exciting experience with many attractions (pirate island, slow river, pools with waves, slides and chutes, thermal formula, etc.) is still the most important reason for a visit Čatež, either for a single day or for several days.

Due to the large number of attractive tourist products and services as well as a wide variety of options for all generations, Terme Čatež are one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Europe:

  • water programs
  • curative and preventative health programs
  • wellness programs
  • the possibility of organising business meetings, social events, team-building 
  • sports and recreational offer – for amateurs or professional athletes and teams
  • animation programs
  • suggested trips within the surrounding area – in the ‘Čatež and Posavje’ region

In Slovenia, Terme Čatež may be found at three locations:

  • in Čatež (by the Sava River), ‘where the springs are and where it all began’,
  • at Mokrice, ‘a centuries-old embrace of unspoiled nature, a medieval mansion and a golf course’
  • on the Slovenian coast, ‘because we wanted to bring at least a part of our range of services and our knowledge to the other end of Slovenia’

Accommodation is offered in 4- and 3- star hotels in Čatež and on the Slovenian coast.

At Mokrice, a medieval mansion has been converted into a boutique 4-star hotel.

If you want to stay in nature yet still close to the largest water thermal park, choose Terme Village: apartment and mobile homes, classic camping, adrenaline rides in the Indian Village tent or the Pirate Bay Floating Lodge – a simply unforgettable experience for everyone.

Accommodations in Čatež:


Hotel Terme****– 226 rooms

Hotel Toplice**** – 137 rooms

Hotel Čatež***– 186 rooms


Camp*****– 300 units

Apartments***– 90 units

Pirate’s Bay – 20 floating lodges

Mobile homes – 20 units

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